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Integrated HVAC partners with LI Green for Long Island home energy audits

In addition to deep expertise in home and commercial energy systems, Integrated HVAC recently completed the LI Green inaugural program to certify home building auditors in Long Island. Contact us to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Integrated University Helps to Explain Some of the Basics

Sustainable design is all about collaboration with architects, engineers, contractors, owners, facility managers and occupants. It helps to have a common understanding of HVAC and automation basics. This glossary is a good place to get started. Read more.

Shedding a New, Electricity-Saving Light on Retail Outlets

According to The New York Times, Wal-Mart and the U.S. Energy Department have teamed up for an energy efficiency project involving LED Lighting. Read more.

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An Integrated Approach:
For Energy-Efficient Buildings, One Call Does It All!

Efficient Building

Since 2000, we’ve taken a systems approach to commercial spaces and homes throughout New York and New Jersey. We don't just treat one part of a building's mechanical system; we look at the building as a whole and integrate the right mix of technology and know-how to maximize energy efficiency and save money for our clients. We'd love to do the same for you. Our team of experts specializes in commercial and residential heating, air conditioning, ventilation, building-automation systems, geothermal, solar photovoltaics (PV) and solar thermal, LED lighting, and much more, all with a focus on sustainability. Using proven, modern technology, and a holistic approach, we will install and maintain a system that is good for the environment and your budget. Learn more about how you can benefit from an Integrated energy-saving solution.

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Save with LED Lighting

When it comes to getting maximum lighting at minimum operating cost, LED lighting is the answer, but did you know that not all LED lighting is the same? Our LED lighting solutions focus not only on efficiency, performance, longevity, and design, but include quality color rendering and are tailored to meet your specific lighting needs in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Learn more.

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Energy Star LogoEnergy Star Rebates

Did you know that Energy Star offers valuable rebates for energy-efficient equipment? You'll get all the benefits of owning modern equipment that sips fuel rather than guzzle it, and because of the rebates, you'll get it at a very attractive price. Learn more.

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