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Why is Geothermal NOT So Expensive?

So you want to save energy and be "green". But what is the point if it is so costly to make it happen? The answer is to look at the whole picture and it becomes clear that in the long run, being green saves $green$! Lets say for example that it is time to install central air conditioning in your 1,800 square foot home. Generally speaking the cost to install this system in this home may cost $10,000. Maybe the boiler in the home is 10 yrs old and has plenty of life left in it. Then lets say we get a price to install a Geothermal HVAC system and it is $30,000! Whoa! thats much more expensivtranquiltiy 27 unit resized 600e and the cost of going green doesn't seem so great does it? But lets look at the whole picture. The cost for oil and electricty to run the "less expensive" system would cost $5,072 the first year. With a 2% annual increase in energy cost you would spend over $51,000 for energy cost plus the original $10,000 for the installation. The Geothermal system would cost you $26,000 for energy plus the original $30,000 for the installation. After 10 years the Geothermal system has saved you $ 5,000 plus will continue to save you over $ 3,500 a year! But wait, There's more! The federal governent will give you a 30% tax credit for the installation using Energy Star Tax Credits, which, in this case equals $ 9,000. Plus in many areas the utility will provide a $1,000 rebate for geothermal systems. Now, after 10 years the savings is $15,000! How about you finance the system? Keep the original $10,000 you were planning to spend on central air and the energy savings will pay for the upgrade. New basic central AC and 10yr old boiler $ 61,000. New top of the line heating and cooling system $ 46,000. That is why geothermal is NOT so expensive! For more information go to  


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