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Automate your building

Adjust temperature and track the efficiency of your commercial space with a building-automation system. Contact us for more details!

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Building Automation

Imagine being able to go online securely from any web-browser and know how your HVAC system is performing real-time. Imagine if you could make adjustments from your computer - turning zones on and off, or getting the temperature just right, so that when you arrive your space is as cozy as can be. You can track your building's thermal performance and cut your fuel bills automatically. If the day gets warmer, your building-automation system will adjust the temperature of the water flowing to radiators, so that rooms don't overheat. If the air quality isn't what it should be, your building-automation system will sense it right away and make the necessary corrections to keep everyone healthy and comfortable.

Smart buildings are sustainable buildings, and our name says it all - Integrated HVAC will get all your mechanical systems running at peak efficiency, and the automation system we design for you will watch over it, day or night. And you'll know exactly what's going on, no matter where in the world you happen to be. If there's ever a problem, your building can actually call us on the phone and tell us. We'll be there to fix the problem, and probably even before you're even aware that something went wrong. The future just arrived!

Contact us to learn more about how Integrated can help.