Commercial Work

Design Build

NY Area College: A 38,000 square foot college instruction facility required value engineering of the existing design criteria for the physical plant. The goals were to design and implement automatic operation of the mechanical and building automation systems, incorporating the latest mechanical and control technologies. The result was a seamless systems integration of the heating plant, cooling tower control and pumping systems while ensuring proper control of the main heat pump loop serving the building.

Existing Building

Ronald McDonald House: As residential housing for children with cancer and their families while receiving treatment, the NY Ronald McDonald House is an 85,000 sq. ft. residential facility housing up to 84 families. Since being put into service in 1990, the building has had multiple issues with heating and cooling to the resident areas. The importance of making the occupants comfortable is a high priority, especially given that the occupants are pediatric cancer patients. Integrated HVAC created a baseline for the building by performing hydronic testing. After analyzing the pump and flow reports, we recommended the implementation of proper balancing (automatic flow control valves) coupled with pump and control upgrades (variable frequency drive) technology. As a result, we eliminated years of frustration in the building by implementing sound engineered upgrades utilizing proper testing techniques. In the current phase, they expect to achieve 20-30% energy savings along with increased level of occupant comfort.

Commercial Job Service

Real Estate Development Company: After 15 years as its occupant, the building which contains the US headquarters for a NY-based real estate development company was not able to provide their main offices with adequate air conditioning. The main 30 ton packaged air conditioning system was dependent upon cooling water from a cooling tower located in the main mechanical room. The condenser water was inadequate to support the system requirements at full load condition and the room air conditioning units didn’t work when the outside temperature was over 80 degrees. After several companies made and tried to implement failed recommendations, Integrated HVAC was called.

Integrated performed and inspection of the system and determined the pump selection for the cooling water was not proper. We selected an alternative pump and configuration, reviewed our proposal directly with the pump manufacturer to validate our proposed solution and utilized a custom impeller (based on pump curve) due to the field conditions. After commissioning the new system, the owners were quite pleased there was no longer any need for window units. The removal of the window units not only increased the efficiency of the system, but day lighting was restored for the occupants!

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