energy assessment

Energy-saving Tip

Divide your home into zones

Zoning allows you to heat and cool areas of your home based on your specific needs. You can change the temperature in one area without affecting other areas.

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Energy Assessment

Now, more than ever, homeowners and commercial property managers are looking for ways to conserve energy. The best way to begin that process is to call us at Integrated HVAC and schedule an energy assessment. We will analyze how much energy your home or commercial space consumes and determine what steps you can take to save money. We will focus on the overall design, your HVAC system, and even your lighting. Is your HVAC system running at peak performance? Are your building controls and HVAC system working well together? How can you save money on lighting? How can you conserve hot water and electricity? How can you benefit from geothermal, solar PV, and solar thermal systems? We will answer all of these questions and more.

Depending on your commercial or residential property usage, your location and the energy solutions being considered, there may be incentives available to help offset expenses of assessing and/or implementing an energy efficient solution.

Contact us to learn more about how Integrated can help.