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Existing Buildings

Many directives are suggesting that by 2030, buildings in the US will be required to have zero carbon footprint; 85% of the buildings that will be here in 2030 are already built - including yours. At Integrated HVAC, we address chronic energy issues facing existing buildings and retrofit them with long-term energy goals in mind. Our installation and service team is experienced with commercial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and building automation systems, as well as green building systems like geothermal pumps, solar PV and solar thermal. We've also developed solutions for air filtration, zoning, ductwork, exhaust systems, and energy recapture. Our team of LEED AP and Sustainable Design Advisors will help you identify, design and implement sustainable solutions to meet the needs of your building and its occupants.

Why Integrated is Different

  • An Integrated Approach: We understand whole building design and performance issues, systems gaps and solutions.
  • Sustainability: We consider end-to-end building-management systems, HVAC mechanical solutions, and renewable and sustainable remedies to optimize your available resources. ?
  • Experience you can trust: We know how to listen, to you and your building.

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