air-conditioning repair

Energy-saving Tip

Adjust your water heater

Reduce home energy costs by turning your water heater down to 120° or the "Normal" setting when home and to the lowest setting when away.

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Residential FAQ

I want to reduce energy costs - where do I to start?

You can start by giving us a call! We will come to your home and assess how much energy your home uses and where energy might be lost. We will make recommendations about how to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

What is best time to consider replacing old or inefficient heating or cooling equipment?

The best time to replace this type of equipment is when it is not in use. Replace heating equipment in the summer and cooling equipment in the winter. Plan ahead. You’ll get your best deal in the off-season and have more time to consider rebates and other options.

What is the return on investment for geothermal or solar alternatives?

The upfront costs for geothermal and solar are higher than a standard system, but once installed, you’ll find the operating costs are much lower than a standard system. When it comes to geothermal and solar, one size does not fit all. Certain factors like soil conditions (for geothermal) and what direction your roof is facing (for solar) play a large part in determining your return on investment. Solar PV (for electricity) and solar thermal (for domestic hot water) each have different requirements, benefits and incentives so be sure to understand the difference. Contact us and we can come to your home and tell you more about how you can take advantage of geothermal and solar alternatives.

What homeowner incentives are currently available?

The incentives keep changing, but we are monitoring them carefully and are here to advise you on your best option. Contact us and we can perform an energy assessment on your home and include the incentives that fit your needs.

Why should I choose Integrated HVAC?

We evaluate your home’s energy needs as if it were our own. We take a whole building approach to size your HVAC and renewable systems in the most efficient way possible. We call what we do comfort engineering. We work with your needs to design and deliver an energy efficient solution, find incentives when available and provide excellent service for your systems.