Residential Work

New Home

Cutchogue, NY: For a 6,000 square foot waterfront property, the challenge was to heat and cool the home without taking away valuable floor space and compromising the beauty of the high tech flooring system which was selected by the owner.

Integrated HVAC redesigned and installed an innovative heating and cooling system using radiant heat supplemented by hydro air in the main air conditioning systems. To ensure the highest heating outputs per square foot available, we selected high performance materials to use for a thermal mass and integrated the mechanical and control systems to ensure required results. The owner’s love the simplicity and performance of the design to make needed temperature and scheduling adjustments, and the manufacturer uses our installation as an advertisement for their product.

Existing Home

Massapequa, NY: A custom home builder was having problems with the recently installed heating and air conditioning systems that his subcontractors installed. After a year of “trying to get the bugs out” of the system, the home owner had enough. The builder called Integrated HVAC.

We evaluated the heating system, which was designed to supply high temperature water to hydrocoils and radiant heat. Prior to implementing the required (recommended) upgrades, we changed the parameters in the systems which made a tremendous improvement in the system performance. The builder and owner were both confident in our recommendations. The system was a challenge; however, we successfully upgraded the air conditioning systems to include a zone control system, integrated radiant and hydrocoil operations, installed thermostats which would allow full heating and cooling integration, and integrated the heating system with the owner’s Crestron system. The result is a happy builder and happy (and comfortable) owner who now trusts their service needs to Integrated.

Residential Job Service

Calverton, NY: Because of our attention to detail, Integrated HVAC is often recommended by equipment and control manufacturer’s to properly represent and service their products. Recently we were called on an emergency service call by a frustrated home owner. He told us he installed the system five years ago and it never worked.

After reviewing the system it was quite clear it couldn’t work. Although the heating system incorporated two boilers, a primary/secondary piping system, high temperature base board, high temperature hydrocoils and radiant heating, the system was all being controlled with a two stage boiler control, that’s it! There were no controls to integrate the systems to work together. We engineered the proper controls and mechanical system piping modifications. The home owner agreed to approve the installation but warned us if the system still did not work his wife would divorce him! We took the challenge and made the needed upgrades. The system now works properly and the home owner is still happily married. One call does it all, and sometimes even more. Let us help your marriage too.

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