Energy-saving Tip

Rest easy with solar

No need to worry about the elements damaging your solar panels. Today's panels are tough and designed to take that sort of abuse. We set your solar panels at an angle that ensures any snow will slide right off, and we chose just the right angle for this part of the country. Rest easy; we know our business!

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Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Sunlight is free! And even on cloudy days, we have ways to capture the warmth of the sun to heat your domestic water (we call this Solar Thermal), or to produce electricity through Solar PV to cut down on your energy bills (PV stands for Photovoltaic).

We're experienced with both types of systems. When we meet with you, we'll look at your site and make recommendations that will get you maximum benefits at the lowest possible cost. Not every system is right for every building. Your building is unique and so are you. We'll find the best solutions for your energy needs.

Contact us to learn more about how Integrated can help.

Solar PV

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Solar Thermal

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